Sunday, July 31, 2011

Introduction - The CPS Racket

We began this blog on July 28, 2011 because countless numbers of families have been subjected to the scrutiny of CPS. Many suffered through false allegations, rumors, anonymous accusations and etc. Once CPS came into their lives, their world was torn apart. These families suffered so much harm that we felt the need to share what we have learned through our own experiences for those who will suffer at the hands of CPS in the future.

We do not offer legal advice but we do offer information about fighting this horrific battle. Hopefully, you will feel less alone than many of us did when we began this terrible journey.

While we know that CPS comes across children who have honestly been abused, it has been noted that the majority of calls to CPS are unsubstantiated and are from troublemakers that don't even leave a name. It is for those who have been mistreated and whose civil rights have been violated by CPS that we have created this blog.

If we stand as one and fight together, perhaps there will be some serious reform to the entire CPS system.


  1. I am a Children's Service Worker and I am sorry that there have been so many people who feel that they have been abused by the system. I have worked so hard and long keeping kids with their parents (where they belong if the parents can keep them safe). Thankfully I have only had to petition the court to terminate the rights of one of my families (in 4 years). It broke my heart, but I worked very hard to try and get them home and almost did. I sometimes think I am too passive or nice, but I treat my families the way I would want to be treated if this happened to me. I have seen cases (not foster care cases) opened that should not be, I have seen parents work their butts off to learn from their mistakes and have reunified dozens of kids. Nothing is better than seeing a parent reunified with their child and make a change.
    Please realize that some of us really do care. I had a juvenile officer recommend TPR and I did not agree. Guess what...I got the kids home and safe. We're not all monsters. Some are power hungry and that angers me. I work very hard and long hours am proud of what I do...and I am darn good at my job.

    1. SO, the one response just happens to be from a CPS worker and not victims, or adult kids of system abuse........