Sunday, July 31, 2011

Where Was CPS While Lilly Manning Was Beaten And Tortured?

You have got to watch and read this horrific story. A true story of abuse and torture that spanned several years. Where was CPS? Where were the first responders? Where?!

Be sure to watch the video and read the pdf file of the sheriff's interview with Lilly at the above link. It is absolutely heartbreaking!

It was not hard to see that this girl was continually abused. It wasn't like she could hide all of the wounds as they were inflicted upon her or the scarring after the wounds healed. Her abuse was up front and in the face of anyone who had contact with her.

While CPS is out creating cases against falsely accused, chasing anonymous tips (usually false info) and making up things against people, how many other children are suffering in the same manner as beautiful Lilly?

CPS and all first responders that Lilly had contact with should be held accountable for neglecting her need for protection from her abusers.

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