Wednesday, August 31, 2011

19 Year Old Impregnates 12 Year Old Special Needs Sister

What was going on here?

Houston, TX (KTRK/CNN) - A Houston woman is accused of going to extreme measures to protect her son from sexual assault charges.

We should warn you, the details of this case may be disturbing to some.

Cynthia Greenwood was in court Monday to answer to charges that she took her 12-year-old special needs adoptive daughter to get an abortion because the father was her song.

Isaac Greenwood, who is now 19, is charged with three counts of aggravated assault of a child.

Child Protective Services launched its investigation after someone locally called in an anonymous tip stating the 12-year-old became hysterical when Greenwood took her in for an abortion and refused to give details about how her daughter got pregnant.

A week later, on October 22, 2010, Greenwood allegedly took her daughter to a women's clinic in Cleveland, Ohio to have the abortion.

She was 22 weeks pregnant.

Two months later, in a videotaped interview, the young special needs girl claimed she got pregnant because her brother had sex with her.

"These forensics interviewers are trained to interview children of all ages and children with special needs also to try to get from them the truth and what happened," said Estella Olguin with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

Greenwood used to live in North Harris. A former neighbor didn't know Greenwood well, but described her as polite, and family oriented.

"The alleged victim is now 13 and in foster care.


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