Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rather Unpleasant Evening On Facebook

Well, we learned tonight just how unpleasant things can get on Facebook. It likely is not over either with one person posting on others' walls that we are hooked into a pedophile ring (we are not) and that we are sending threatening messages through Facebook's message system (we did not) simply because we will not reveal our names.

One individual got so obnoxious that we had to report some of their posts and also block them.

No wonder CPS keeps getting away with stealing children. Those that are suffering through this ordeal can not even band together and get along amongst themselves, let alone fight the CPS monster.

Even after we stated that we are afraid for our children and that CPS has let it be known that we are not to speak about the situation, that was not good enough reason not to share our names, for at least one person. Evidently, they either have nothing left to lose or they are not living where the state threatens families (thought they did that everywhere.)

We will not tolerate defamation and slander, that is for sure and for anyone to think that what happened was okay, they have to think about how they would think or feel had the exact same thing happened to them. It was ridiculously horrible, at the minimum.

One thing is for certain, if this person (and any cohorts) want to continue with defaming us, we will do what we can to stop it, including court action.

No one deserves the kind of treatment we went through this evening - no one!


Update: Dumped Facebook like the rotten apple that it is. It's hard to believe the messages we found there written by a vicious person and their friend. What is worse, we could find nowhere to report the behavior since we already blocked them. What a cesspool that place is. We found some nice people but this select batch of nasty people made the whole thing disgusting to contend with. Some people just think that hurting other people is a lot of fun, especially when we are already in pain. Sad lot - a very sad lot indeed.

Here's an interesting tidbit that proves that supposed adults can act as bad as high school bullies only they try to destroy you rather than just poke at you:


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