Friday, October 28, 2011

Anonymous message to the Family Court Corruption

You need to turn your volume up pretty high to understand what the messenger is saying because their voice is electronically disguised.

We have found the printed version of the message in the above video:

As we observe the dissent against tyranny unfold all around us, the veils of deception are fastly being removed from the people's eyes. As each layer of oppression is being torn apart, it is now time to hold Child Protective Services accountable to the people. For years you have ripped apart families, destroyed children's lives and committed unspeakable abuses to our most precious gift from God.

Your arrogance has surpassed your reason, by never realizing that so many the families you've destroyed are the very same tax payers who employ you. The internet has exposed the vastness of your corruption to these tax payers who have now learned what you do is the very opposite of what they were led to believe. The Unconstitutional codes that created you will be your undoing by the true law which is our constitution.

Because, You hide behind the color of law, believing your actions will not face the consequences of the real law, which is we the people. You Judges who are elected by us willingly and knowingly aid and abet these terrorists. Some of you are being paid off and we know this. That is the highest form of treason to the people and to God. You are public servants who have become corrupted and we know who you are. We hold you accountable from this moment on. Americans have always met tyranny with swift justice
on our own soil and afar. It may be time to evaluate your true intentions behind your positions. This is not a threat but a fair warning from anonymous. We do not forgive, we never forget we are many, we are anonymous.

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