Thursday, October 13, 2011

North Carolina DSS worker fired after DWI arrest

October 11, 2011 4:54 PM

By Diane Turbyfill

A social worker arrested twice in one week was fired from her job Tuesday.

Gaston County Social Services Director Keith Moon said the action seemed suitable for the circumstance.

“I just think given the nature of this situation that would be the appropriate action,” said Moon.

Yvette Jadine Smithen, 42, was stopped by Shelby Police in the 2100 block of East Dixon Boulevard Saturday. The officer determined Smithen had been drinking and charged her with DWI.

A 4-year-old boy was in the car when police took her into custody.

Smithen worked with the Child Protective Services division at Gaston DSS. Caseworkers are often called to testify in court, and credibility is essential, Moon said.

The DWI charge came less than a week after Smithen was arrested at a party held in her Bent Branch Street home in Gastonia.

“Those charges certainly are very serious,” said Moon. “Given the nature of duties of social workers here it was pretty much incompatible.”

On Sept. 2 Smithen was charged with resisting arrest in a Gaston County incident. According to the arrest report, Smithen interfered with police when they came to the scene of a party that afternoon.

Moon said Smithen has only been with the department for a month. She made $41,211.

Employees are required to report arrests to their supervisors.

Smithen did so last week, and she sent Moon an email requesting a meeting Monday. She was not penalized at work for her resisting arrest charge.

She did not come into work Tuesday and was terminated by a written document.


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