Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oklahoma Lawmakers Chide DHS

Link to video because we could not get the video to work on the blog.


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  1. Cps is the only court system in which you can be found guilty with no physical evidence and only hearsay as evidence. They set all these stipulations to get your kids back which conflict with each other. They were going to terminate my rights do to the fact I didn't have a drivers liscence but my wife did. They will take your kids even if you don't break any laws or regulations. They lie the judge in my case one Bob Hughey Canadian county. Has caught my dhs case worker lying in court and did nothing about it. This judge has signed many warrants without evidence just the lies and twisted words of workers. The judge the ADA and all of these workers need to be investigated and prosecuted for extortion, kidnapping, child neglect, child abuse, and human trafficing which is exactly what is going on. The government don't seem to understand why the people in this country are leaving to terrorists groups. It's because our government ment to protect the people actually hurt us and we are sick of the assholes treating us like cattle. They seperate parents and children like calf from cow and sell them while shipping the adults off to bush and obamas war like cattle to the slaughter house. There is a time in events of human history where people must rise up and take back control of there lives from the oppression and cruelty of a corrupt government.