Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Indiana child welfare supervisor faces charges

GREENSBURG, Ind.— An Indiana child welfare supervisor who was the caseworker for a slain 12-year-old Greensburg boy faces charges after allegedly giving a client a drug and sending her a photo of his genitals.

Indiana State Police arrested 28-year-old Scott Ogden of Greensburg last week. WRTV-TV and WISH-TV report he's charged with dealing a controlled substance, official misconduct, and distribution of obscene matter.

Court records show he sent text messages to a woman who lost custody of her children and offered information about them in return for sex. He also gave her three prescription painkiller pills.

Ogden was the case worker for 12-year-old Devin Parsons, who was beaten to death by his mother in June.

A telephone message seeking comment was left at the Greensburg home a man named Scott Ogden.


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  1. Warsaw Indiana cps is a joke. I filed 2 tort claims against 2 corrupt police officers had charges trumped up on me.

    My house was searched by 12 county officers looking for business records that they were told our attorney had, after searching 2 hours and completly ransacked our house they left laughing. They didn’t even have a warrent. When my husband got home he was ticked. Called the police wanting a copy of the warrent they didn’t have it.

    Two days later they got a judge to sign one. It was dated 2 days late? Cps has illegally entered my house and taken all my grandchildren. One granddaughter who was molested by her other grandmother or her dog molesting son were not sure which was found abandoned in a NYC crack house. Warsaw cps said this is fine. WHAT?

    Kosciusko county has a vandata against me and my grandchildren are the ones paying for the retaliation. Cps has only lied and made up things and continue to purge themselves in court. Elise mandaville has told 3 lies to judge huffer and my daughters court appointed attorney seems to be working for these crooks.

    My grandchildren were in a very stable and safe enviroment until cps fraudulantly removed them and placed them in danger. Our concerns go unchecked no follow up only cover up. My other daughter and her husband left Indiana when cps started harassing them only to have Warsaw contact Michigan cps and they harassed them one time and found nothing. In Warsaw I’m sure there would have been trumped up malicious false aqusations to continue to harass my family