Monday, December 12, 2011

Social workers fired in Marlboro County CPS case - concerning Edna Hunt

by Tonya Brown

NewsChannel 15 has learned two Marlboro County Department of Social Services employees were fired in connection with the child abuse case of Edna Hunt.

State DSS officials will only say they let the employees go after an evaluation of their work in the Hunt investigation and other cases they've handled.

Last week, we learned DSS was conducting a child protective services investigation prior to Hunt's death.

We have requested more information through the Freedom of Information Act to find out if the employees violated any procedures, according to state and federal policy, for child protective investigations.

In October, Hunt died following cardiac arrest in Bennettsville.

Hunt's mother and her mother's boyfriend are charged with homicide by child abuse.

Police say Hunt had bruises and burns all over her body.

Officers say a post mortem examination showed she had been abused for some time.

DSS officials say the Director of the Marlboro County DSS resigned shortly after the child's death, but they aren't saying if his resignation had anything to do with their internal investigation.

Marlboro County Coroner, Tim Brown, says he's expecting final autopsy results on Hunt to be in sometime this week.

He will release those results when they come in.


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