Sunday, January 8, 2012

Child Missing From CPS Shelter, Mother Wants Answers

by Mike Manzoni

PORTLAND -- The mother of a child in protective services custody who went missing Tuesday wants to know how her daughter got out of a shelter where she was staying.

Lori Marie Rivera, 13, went missing Tuesday afternoon with two 17-year-old girls from the Teen Connections shelter in Portland.

Terry Rivera, the girl's mother, said she was not notified her daughter was missing until the day after, and said she has struggled to get answers from Child Protective Services.

"You [CPS] promised you were going to put my children in a safe place, and nothing was going to happen to them and she [CPS case manager] told me, 'Well, we did try to put her in a safe place, but if she ran away that was her own thing of running away,'" said Rivera.

Rivera said she lost custody of her daughter after a drug raid involving her husband a few years ago. The girl has lived at the shelter in Portland since November.

Portland police are investigating Rivera's disappearance as a runaway. Child Protective Services has notified the appropriate courts and the girl's attorney.


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