Saturday, March 10, 2012

Family not notified about daughter's alleged abuse at school - Texas


FORNEY, Texas - A Forney family has filed a compliant with the state, claiming that Child Protective Services and Forney ISD failed to tell them about an abuse investigation involving their daughter.

Four-year-old Bella Holt is a special needs student at Henderson Elementary School in Forney. On Jan. 31, school officials were notified by an employee that Holt's teacher reportedly pushed the child to the ground.

"CPS told me she fell on her bottom, hit her elbows, her head, and started crying," her mother, Tana, said.

The district looked into the incident and during the investigation reassigned the teacher to another school. Child Protective Services was also asked to look into the matter.

But at no time was the little girl's family contacted about what was going on.

It wasn't until March 1, four weeks later, they say they received a call from a CPS case worker.

"The first thing out of her mouth was, 'I apoligize for not contacting you,' said Rene Keitch, the child's grandmother.

"She was there four times, observing the child, but not once was her parent, [or] her grandparent notified," she continued. "Not one time."

The family says the case worker interviewed and photographed 4-year-old Bella without their permission.

Child Protective Services would not comment on the incident, or the allegations against their case worker. School district officials confirm Bella's family was not contacted by the school.

A spokesperson for Forney ISD said the teacher's transfer had nothing to do with the investigation, and called the timing of her move a coincidence.


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